Is the Jaguar XJS the next E-Type? – Market Prediction

Values of the Jaguar XJS have been rallying in recent years – could this be the start of a major push upmarket as we saw with the E-Type?

When it comes to values of classic cars, everyone is trying to find the next ‘big thing’. We all know the cars that have ‘gone’ – so to speak. ’60s & ’70s Porsches, Aston Martin DB4/5s and virtually anything with a Ferrari badge are just some of the big hitters that first come to mind.

All of these cars have seen a huge growth in value in the past 10 years and the Jaguar E-Type can be included among this group.

It doesn’t take a detailed analysis of our results on E-Types to see their values have seen extreme growth. Indeed the most collectable models have seen values increase by over 100% in 10 years – a remarkable figure in an era of low inflation.

Jaguar E Type auction prices have seen huge growth in recent years, with values increasing by at least 50% at most levels

However, it is not just the ‘low-drags’ and ‘flat-floors’ that are seeing all the growth. Similar, if not quite such extreme trends can be seen in more everyday models.

Put shortly, E-Type owners having been laughing their way to the bank – except perhaps when it comes to ensuring their newly valuable cars.

So, is the XJS going to follow its predecessor?

Well, a 40-year-old Jaguar XJS is not worth as much as a 40-year-old E-Type was worth ten years, taking into account similar spec and condition. The E-Type does seem to have a higher inherent value than the XJS, for whatever reason.

However, the XJS does seem to have begun a growth curve in recent years that suggest similar levels of growth to what we have seen in E-Types are to come.

Jaguar XJS prices are much lower than that of E-Types, but recent growth trends are good news for XJS owners

There are now far more cars selling for more than £10k, and the cars fetching over £20k are no longer just ultra-collectible cars or super low-milers. High spec, exceptional condition cars are now achieving these figures too.

With an approximate value increase of 50% in 10 years, Jaguar XJS values don’t need to get much higher before the annual value increase is in the thousands.

So, the XJS isn’t going to reach E-Type values anytime soon and probably never will, but as a percentage, it could well be just as ‘big’a ‘thing’ as the E-Type.

But what do you think? Are XJS values going to increase at the rate we have seen in the past 10 years? Or do you think it is just a bubble? Will they ever be worth as much as E-Types?


  • Xjs for me is a car that will reach a peak and stay around those figers.
    Something about it,
    It is a lovely car but just hasn’t got that something to be the next E type.
    Not when the xk 8 / xkr is in its shadows.
    Now that is a car that can give the E type a run for its money.

  • In my humble opinion the XJS is an iconic Jaguar much classier than the XK8 .
    The Jaguar XJS has been with us since the 1970s .
    Designed by the same man who penned the Jaguar E type
    The Jaguar XJS has grown from strength to strength over recent years
    The jaguar XK8 is a beautiful car but no match for the Jaguar XJS !
    The classic status of the XJS is written in stone and prices will continue to reflect
    this over the coming years

  • The XJS was produced for 21 model years and a factory convertible was not available for the first 13 model years. Add in the fact that the early XJS’ were plagued with quality issues and the later years addressed these issues with the infusion of Ford capitol,

    I predict that the values of the 6.0L and AJ16 4.0L versions will be the XJS’ that will continue to see the largest increase in desirability and value. America has been spoiled with so many late XJS examples available in good condition and great prices but we will see what the rest of the world has been seeing lately-limited supply and increased prices.

    The XJS has character and presence and is a wonderful driver. There is nothing else on the road today that looks or feels like the XJS and that is a good thing because it stands out. The XJS is like fine wine-it just gets better as it ages.

  • The Jaguar XJS screams the 1970s
    It typifies an era where bad taste was cool
    David Bowie / Queen / Bay City Rollers

    The XJS has grown in stature in recent years
    There is no other car that looks even vaguely similar
    There’s no denying the XJS is a very stylish and special car .

    I believe price rises are set to surprise everyone !

  • I purchased a Jaguar XKR as an investment maybe I should have gone for a Jaguar XJS going buy the experts opinions ?
    I’ve always liked the XK8 and absolutely hated the XJS mainly due to the negative feed back during the 1970s .
    I drove an XJS for the first time recently and must say I was pleasantly surprised . I’m seriously thinking of trading my XKR in for a Jaguar XJS
    I like the original design over the face lift
    I would like to know what XJS would make the best investment in the long term ?

    • Hi there, great question and thanks for getting in touch.

      We see with Jaguars, and especially the modern ones, that they often take a long time to go up in value with a significant period of being undervalued which is likely what the next 5-10 years of XKR ownership might look like. If you’re interested in an XJS I would say the early cars, the V12s and the specials (TWR, XJRS, Lister), then convertibles are the ones to go for. And when looking at cars, try get the best you can as it will pay off down the road – especially with British cars!

      Hope this helps,

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  • Always been a fan of the Jaguar XJS , I’ve noticed prices of the XJS 5.3 HE have risen drastically in price in recent times?
    Am I imagining things ?? There seems to be a shortage of good low mileage XJS 5.3 HE ‘S available at the moment
    What should I be prepared to pay for a nice genuine low mileage XJS 5.3 HE under 60000 miles
    I have £7000 to spend is this realistic

  • Simple supply and demand economics suggest that the beautiful XJS is the next big thing in the classic car market. More than 113,000 were produced. But owing to the cost and difficulty of maintenance and rust issues very few right hand drive cars are left. Fewer than 1500 in the UK in total with good examples numbering less than 500 with the numbers rapidly diminishing every year. Meanwhile the iconic car is etched into the memories of children growing up over 21 years as an iconic hero car. All are now adults with money to spend on a dream car from their childhood. It is looks like nothing else on the road, good examples drive like a dream and it is a genuinely important car.

  • The XJS is a great car and has been undervalued for far too long. However there is a big difference between being one of histories ‘great’ cars, which might be a list of hundreds, and one of histories ‘greatest’ cars, which might be a list of 10, and which the E-type certainly is. The e-type was loved from day 1, securing its iconic status, the XJS was not. The Etype was in production for 14 years, the XJS for 21 – so greater production numbers will keep its values down. I love XJS’s and I am sure they make a sound investment long term. but it will never achieve the same values as the etype in relative terms.

  • Malcolm Sayer’s last great masterpiece. It unfortunately fell in the British Leyland mess but emerged as a classic in it’s own right. Prices should go up form here for good ones. Mine is a ’84 ‘Facelift’ convertible made when Ford owned the company. With just under 20,000 miles people are stunned by it’s beauty. Drives great too and is sort of the last real Jag IMHO.

    Helping a friend reassemble his ’61 flat floor Series 1 E type which is sort of like going to church.

    • under 20,000 miles??? You certainly have a gem! I don’t thing there is any other one like it!

      I always loved Jags and currently have an old S-Type in immaculate condition inside out with only 63k miles. But now considering buying a few reasonable xjs as investment and this post and comments has encouraged me further.

    • under 20,000 miles??? You certainly have a gem! I don’t think there is any other one like it!

      I always loved Jags and currently have an old S-Type in immaculate condition inside out with only 63k miles. But now considering buying a few reasonable xjs as investment and this post and comments has encouraged me further.

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