Datsun 240Z: Why are prices surging?

Datsun 240Z prices have risen rapidly in the past two years

Slowly rising classic car prices are nothing new – particularly for iconic 1970s coupes like the Datsun 240Z. However, we haven’t seen many cars as seemingly hot as the 240Z in the past couple of years. 

Anyone who keeps their finger on the pulse of the classic car world knows that values boomed around the ‘Great Recession’ of 2008/09. Supposedly, people were looking to put their money in hard assets rather than in the shaky looking banks. Whatever the reason, most classic car prices jumped up across the board at this time, certainly for anything well past the ‘banger’ period of its life, let’s say pre-1980.

The Datsun was no exception to this is seems, with values steadily climbing after the end of the ‘naughties’. But, whereas most cars have gone on to see gradual growth over the past five years, the Datsun seems to be bucking the trend. There’s certainly no trace of ‘plateauing’ here (the nightmare of every car dealer).

No, Datsun 240Zs seem to have jumped in price dramatically in the past 2-3 years. This is not something we have seen with many other cars at all.


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With the exception of two ‘Super Samuri’ racers, no 240Z we have on record had ever sold for more than £25k before 2016 in our records.

Yet now, what data we do have, is showing a marked rise in 240Z prices. A LHD import, admittedly in very good condition, smashed its estimate in July 2016, fetching £26k. Then, in January 2017, a 240Z fetched approx. £36k at auction in Maastricht. In March 2017, we then saw another LHD car, not even with its original engine, fetching over £30k at Goodwood.

Of course, you can still get 240Zs for less than £25k, but to see cars other than the ‘Super Samurais’ fetching well over £25k again and again does suggest a sudden revaluation of this Japanese icon.

It might be too early to say for certain, but why do you think the Datsun 240Z seems to be seeing a sudden surge in interest? What do you think of them?

Image: COYS

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