Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get in each subscription tier?

A free subscription provides you with the ability to save searches in your profile. Once you’ve saved a search, your profile page will show you upcoming cars at auction that match your search.

A standard subscription provides you with the features of a free subscription, plus the ability to click through to the lot listing for each result, allowing you to view detailed information on each vehicle on the auctioneer’s website.

You also gain access to a table of results below the results graph, showing additional details for each result, along with checkboxes allowing you to exclude individual results from the graph. This can be useful if you want to further narrow your search and identify trends.

A trader-level subscrition provides you with all the features of the free and standard levels, but also includes the ability view unsold lots in the results, along with pending results. You are also able to view the average lot price for each auction house on our auction house information page.

How do I search for a specific car?

Our search facility works best by entering a make and model (for example, Ford Escort). Due to myriad ways in which the same car may be listed by auction houses, often being too specific (for example, Ford Escort Mk. 3) in your search may not yield a full set of results. If you have a Standard subscription, you can always use our results table to then exclude/include individual results from the final graph as you wish.

Why is my search taking a long time/why do I get an error message when I try to search?

Search results take a long time to appear on slower internet connections, and occasionally this may cause a search to time out and produce an error. Check your connection speed – if the problem persists on a high-bandwidth connection then please contact us so we can investigate.

How can I share a search result graph?

You can share a link to a search result by clicking the copy link to share button in the top right corner of a results graph.

If you want to embed a live updating auction results graph on your website, you can use our free Embed Generator to create your own embed code.

How can I receive news and updates from Classic Car Auction Results?

Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates on new features, updates and news from Classic Car Auction Results. You can also find updates on our blog, and follow us on Twitter.

What will I receive if I sign up for the mailing list?

You’ll receive news and updates about upcoming auctions, auction reports and round-ups, updates when we add new auction results to our database, and occasional updates about new and upcoming features on Classic Car Auction Results.

Can I receive email alerts for new upcoming cars at auction in my saved searches?

Good question! We’re currently working on this functionality – watch this space.

I have a press enquiry – who do I contact?

Use our contact form, or email us and your query will be passed to our media team.

If you have any other questions or feedback, or require support, send a message using our contact form or email us at and our team will respond to you as soon as possible.